Do your trees need attention?

No site or tree is too difficult for us! Customers expect high standards of safety and quality and we demand it.

Do your trees need attention?

No site or tree is too difficult for us! Customers expect high standards of safety and quality and we demand it.

For all your tree needs!

Arborzone offers up-to-date pruning techniques,
a wide range of arboriculture knowledge and prompt, professional and qualified tree care services throughout South Gippsland and Bass Coast.

Arborzone Tree pruning Rotten limb


Arborzone has extensive experience and accreditation in both the public and private sectors. We apply industry standard tree removal/pruning techniques

Arborzone Tree pruning at Agnes Falls

Local business

We are 3rd generation South Gippslanders and provider of choice in the arboricultural industry through the delivery of high quality outcomes and safe work practices.

Trees. Our passion.

The benefits of trees include providing shade and shelter, filtering pollutants and producing oxygen. We help maintain a safe and beautiful treed environment.


Arborzone’s removal experience and rigging techniques, combined with our stringent OH&S standards make us the number one choice.


Arborzone is South Gippsland’s number one expert in arboricultural pruning techniques. The use of specialised climbing equipment allows our qualified arborists to access any area within the tree canopy. Pruning a tree requires a thorough knowledge of tree biology, biomechanics and an eye for sculptural aesthetics. Our pruning work is renowned for:

  • Correcting tree defect/structural faults
  • Minimising the likelihood of limb/tree failure
  • Enhancing the form and amenity value of the tree


Trees have a finite life and tree removal is a necessary part of tree succession/renewal. Our qualified arborists can guide clients through the appropriate time to remove a tree, due to poor health, unsafe structure or inappropriate planting. Our experienced team can safely remove trees of any size in any location. Arborzone’s removal experience and tree techniques, combined with our stringent OH & S standards make us the number one choice for tree removal.


Felling is often the quickest way to remove a tree, but not always the simplest. Poor felling techniques and inadequate training have been responsible for a number of serious injuries. Arborzone’s expert and considered approach to tree felling ensures a successful outcome.


Where surrounding assets inhibit the safe removal of a tree, the process of dismantling is used by our experienced arborists. State of the art equipment and superior lowering techniques ensures pin-point accuracy, corralling debris away from valuable assets and into processing zones where your tree can be transformed into mulch, usable timber or firewood.


Clients are increasingly requesting Arboricultural reports to assist in the correct management of their trees. Arborzone’s consulting Arborist has completed the ISA (international Society Arboriculture) TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification). TRAQ is considered best practice when assessing the risk associated with trees. Always hire a TRAQ qualified Arborist for:

  • Tree risk assessment reports
  • Local government planning applications
  • Tree health diagnostic and reports.

Coroner Phillip Byrne recently recommended that:

  1. Councils should only employ Arborists with QTRA or TRAQ to undertake tree reports and
  2. Tree inspections should be carried out by qualified Arborists, at least level 4 or above), but preferably Level 5 or above.

Our Level  5 TRAQ qualified Arborists can provide you with concise information and produce professional reports to help you better manage your treed areas.


Arborzone aims to be a sustainable business. Tree removal can produce mulch, which the client can retain to enhance organic matter in garden soil. Timber sections can be processed into usable firewood sections; larger timber sections can be milled by Arborzone and made into unique furniture.


Arborzone prides itself on leaving a clean, safe and undamaged work site. Talk to us about processing your timber into firewood or mulch.


We also provide Elm Leaf Beetle (ELB) treatment, milling, tree disease identification & treatment and consultancy.


Arborzone is working with Parks Victoria in their eucalypt forest restoration project.

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Selecting an Arborist

What to look for

  1. Is your arborist a member of professional organisations such as the International Society of Arboriculture Australia Chapter (ISAAC)? Membership shows a willingness to remain up-to-date on the latest techniques and information
  2. Certified Arborists are experienced professionals who have passed an extensive examination covering all aspects of tree care.
  3. Does your arborist have insurance? Do not be afraid to ask for proof.

What to avoid

  1. Those that advertise Topping as a service. A professional Arborist knows that this is not an accepted industry practice.
  2. An arborist who has no knowledge of the Australian Standards for Pruning AS 4373-2007.
  3. Any business that uses tree climbing spikes during tree pruning. Climbing spikes can damage trees; use should be limited to tree removal.
  4. Any business that uses words such as shaping, lopping or topping. A professional Arborist does not use these terms when discussing trees.